The Perfect Bass Drum Sound Is Here!

The Bass Drum LiftThe Bass Drum Lift in actionThe Bass Drum Lift has brought so much life to my drums; even on my 26″ kick.
-Garrett Goodwin (Carrie Underwood)
Bro… its killin’!! …totally brilliant!!!!
-Mike Clark (Herbie Hancock)
Will KennedyI’m hearing frequencies not heard before… I’ve been LIFTED!
-Will Kennedy
Bob GatzenThe Bass Drum Lift is the best of its kind. In the studio or out on tour… I never leave home without it.
-Bob Gatzen
Horacio 'El Negro' HernandezI always use The Bass Drum Lift on my 18″ drum
-Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez
Bernard PurdieBernard Purdie endorses The Bass Drum Lift!What a great product! I use it with all of my Yamaha bass drums in the studio, and on tour.
-Brian Fullen

The Bass Drum Lift benefits bass drums from 16″ to 24″:

Better projection:raises the bass drum creating more room to resonate
Better fundamental tone:beaters strike the drum head at the optimal position
Prevents wear to hoops:eliminates attachment to the drum hoop
Affordably priced:for both professional & enthusiast drummers
Double pedal friendly:positions beaters on either side of center
Eliminates vibration:eliminates vibration to the foot pedal
Made in the USA:designed & manufactured in Connecticut