Anthony Acunzo

In a market flooded with a seemingly endless supply of musical instrument accessories – of which many have questionable benefits – it was both exciting and satisfying to come across Arti Dixson’s Bass Drum Lift. A natural fallout of Arti’s dedication to the art of drumming, The Bass Drum Lift is an elegant, useful device that will improve your bass drum sound. It produces immediate results – results that can be heard.

The Bass Drum Lift accomplishes the task of creating an improved bass drum sound in a number of ways:

  1. By decoupling the mass of the bass drum pedal from the hoop itself, any damping effects introduced by the pedal are eliminated, allowing the shell to resonate more freely. Lifting the bass drum also eliminates any damping effects introduced by the floor at the hoop area, helping to produce a cleaner, well-defined bass drum sound.
  2. The Bass Drum Lift positions the beater such that it strikes at the center of the drum head and, equally important, allows the angle-of-attack of the beater to be such that it introduces maximum surface area to the drum head during impact – yielding maximum sound output for a given pedal input. The Bass Drum Lift is not hard-mounted to the bass drum shell, so you can take advantage of this positioning when using any of your drum sets.
  3. Lifting the bass drum provides better projection, which will benefit the entire band.

From a maintainability standpoint, The Bass Drum Lift introduces some key benefits. It allows access to the two lower tension rods with a standard drum key, without interference from the floor. For drummers like me who prefer vintage kits or retro T-handles, it’s nice to know that the two handles closest to the floor do not have to be replaced with standard rods. Also, The Bass Drum Lift eliminates hoop damage from the pedal, as the pedal is now secured to The Bass Drum Lift’s attachment point instead – no more damage to those beautiful, vintage inlaid hoops!

One of the great merits that one should strive for in a product design, in both construction and use, is one of design efficiency – minimum effort yields maximum results. The Bass Drum Lift embodies this concept by utilizing a simple, easy-to-use, robust design that requires minimal effort and deviation from a drummer’s normal set-up routine, yet rewards him or her with a significant end result – an improved bass drum sound.

There are many accessories for drummers that boast all kinds of technical attributes on paper, but the sound they claim to produce, along with their ease of use will ultimately define their fate. The Bass Drum Lift helps produce a great bass drum sound, is easy to use, and is extremely portable. I can envision The Bass Drum Lift becoming a natural addition to the standard “required hardware list” of any drum set. To state my opinion in simplest terms, I defer to a well-used but powerful expression: The Bass Drum Lift rocks!

Thank you for a refreshingly useful product, Arti!

-Anthony Acunzo (Independent Drummer)

Anthony Paul

The Bass Drum Lift is a must have for every drummer out there. I play Mapex drums and I own a 18×14 and 18×16 bass drum. Mapex sells a bass drum lift that attaches to the bass drum rim and thankfully I never had to use it. With The Bass Drum Lift, all you have to do is attach your pedal to it, slide it under the bass drum and voilà! The sound is unbelievable and my little 18 inch bass drums sound like twenty-two’s. I probably will not buy a bass drum bigger than a twenty inch again, thanks to The Bass Drum Lift.

-Anthony Paul (Independent Drummer)

Ben Bilello

A few months ago, I replaced my Sonor Jungle Kit factory bass drum lift with The Bass Drum Lift. I’m glad I made the switch! The Bass Drum Lift is very stable and fits all bass drum pedals. The velcro on the bottom is an added bonus. My 16” bass drum sounds great and stays put!

Benjy Krauss

They day after I put it into use, the boiler in my basement broke, causing rusty water to cover the floor. I was very nervous about my bass drum. But luckily, I was using The Bass Drum Lift. It kept the bass drum off the ground, so my drums ended up being fine. Thank goodness for The Bass Drum Lift, because it just might have saved me my bass drum. I have now moved the drums to a different room, because I don’t want to risk another flood. But the lift with the bottom works great. I can’t say enough good things about your product. It really brings out all of the tones from my bass drum, and makes it sound great. It keeps the drum perfectly in place. I couldn’t believe the change it made when I first put it into use.

-Benjy Krauss (Independent Drummer)

Bernard Purdie

In 1970 he hooked up with R&B great Aretha Franklin, and proceeded to be a first-call player on all types of dates, from jazz, to soul, to rock. In addition to working with Paul Butterfield, Larry Coryell, Miles Davis, Hall & Oates, Steely Dan, Al Kooper, James Brown, Tom Jones, Isaac Hayes, Donny Hathaway, B.B. King, Lou Donaldson, Ray Charles, Joe Cocker, Hank Crawford, Herbie Mann, Todd Rundgren, Cat Stevens, and the Brecker Brothers, Bernard regularly produced solo albums. It has been said that Purdie—considered by many to be the drummer with “the funkiest soul beat in the business”—has laid down the groove on over 3,000 albums. Creator of the famous Purdie shuffle and a hundred other timeless R&B grooves, Bernard Purdie has seen samples of his beats used on countless hip-hop, rap, and acid-jazz records. He still actively performs and records to this day.

Bob Gatzen

I’ve known Arti Dixson for many years. He’s a dedicated, professional drummer who cares about the music industry, enjoys helping drummers out and has a great spirit for everything he does. My design philosophy is originality, simplicity and reduction. When Arti showed me the bass drum-lift I was immediately impressed, for it fits into all 3 categories. The idea of lifting the bass drum off the floor is not new news. What’s new with the “bass drum-lift” is it’s the first product I’ve seen that is cost effective, portable but most importantly, enhances the physical properties of head and shell vibration in a proper fashion. The bass drum-lift raises the counter hoop off the floor decreasing pressure applied to the edges of the drumhead without being attached to it. This is important due to low tension tuning inherent in the bass drum. Minimal pressure applied to the counter hoop, destroys “equalized” tuning of the drumhead. Also, it aligns the bass drum relative to the pedal beater, striking the drumhead squarely in it’s “sweet-spot”. This not only enhances tone, it feels great! Sound and feel is what it’s all about. Once you experience this, you’ll never turn back.

Bottom line, The Bass Drum Lift is the best of its kind. In the studio or out on tour…I never leave home without it.

Congratulations Arti!

-Bob Gatzen

If you were to describe Drummer-Producer-Inventor Bob Gatzen in one word, it would be… “diverse”. Bob is a multi-faceted artist who believes that we are now in an era of “choice” and diversity is the key to success. Bob holds an abundance of U.S. and international design patents for Evans Drumheads, Drum Workshop, Noble & Cooley, Zildjian Cymbal Co., Regal Tip Drumsticks and DrumFrame Ltd. Bob has received many prestigious international MIPA (Music Industry Press Award) awards for his design work. In 2005 Modern Drummer Magazine awarded Bob the “Editors Choice Achievement Award” penning Bob as the “Renaissance Man”. Bob is a BMI artist and publisher producing DVD projects for Warner Bros. Music Publishing and Alfred Publishing. Bob’s new DVD includes his original best-selling Warner Bros. Video, “Drum Tuning, Sound and Design” plus an hour of new footage featuring his “Simplified” method of drum tuning.

Brian Fullen

Arti, I totally dig the drum lift! What a great product! I use it with all of my Yamaha bass drums in the studio, and on tour, because it allows them to vibrate freely and sound their absolute best. It makes me sound better!

-Brian Fullen

Brian Fullen has performed on Grammy and Emmy Award winning recording projects throughout his tenure in the Nashville music community. Brian can also be heard on numerous Australian hit records with award winning contemporary country artists. As a percussionist, Fullen has performed extensively with the Memphis Symphony Orchestra, Ballet Memphis, The Nashville String Machine, and the Tennessee Repertory Theatre Company. As an educator, Fullen served as Adjunct Professor of Drum set and Percussion at the diverse Belmont University School of Music in Nashville, TN from 1994-2006. He is an artist/clinician and performs motivational drum set clinics and masterclasses at Universities and high schools across the country. Fullen has authored/co-authored three critically acclaimed drum set instructional books: Jazz Standards For Drumset (Hal Leonard Pub.); Bass Drum Essentials For Drumset (Alfred Pub.); and Contemporary Country Styles For The Drummer And Bassist (Alfred Pub.). Brian maintains a busy schedule as a Nashville recording session and touring musician and proudly plays and endorses the Arti Dixson Bass Drum Lift, Yamaha Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Innovative Percussion, and Remo percussion products. For more information, please visit

Brian Hudson

I love it! I am currently using The Bass Drum Lift for my 18″ and 20″ kick drums. It allows me to hit the sweet spot every time, provides additional low end and protects my bass drum hoops! Arti has hit a home run with this concept.

-Brian Hudson

Chris Hanning

I’ve been using The Bass Drum Lift everywhere I go! It’s working out great for both my 22″ BD, 18″ BD, and 16″ BD. I am so used to it now I won’t go back to attaching the pedal to the rim! I showed it to Will Kennedy when we were both working at a camp at Stephen F. Austin State U. in Texas and he thought it was cool.

-Chris Hanning

National Drum Clinician, Associate Professor ( Department of Applied Music – Percussion ) West Chester University, Pennsylvania, Principal percussionist/timpanist with the Lehigh Valley Chamber Orchestra, timpanist with the Bach Festival Orchestra of Bethlehem, and percussionist for Philadelphia’s premier contemporary music ensemble Relâche.

Chris Kent

Many years ago Arti showed me the prototype of his homemade invention, which would evolve into what many drummers and percussionists would now recognize as The Bass Drum Lift. After giving a clinic on percussion repairs at the 2008 Connecticut Day of Percussion, I purchased one of Arti’s redesigned Bass Drum Lifts. I was honored by Arti’s invitation to be on the endorser list of many fine drummers and percussionists.

I currently own three Bass Drum Lifts. I use one on a Yamaha 17″ X 20″ Stage Custom Advantage Bass Drum, that is owned by St. Mary Mother of the Redeemer Church of Groton, CT, in which I am a member of their music ministry. The second lift is used on my Yamaha 16″ X 20″ Recording Custom Bass Drum. The third lift is used on a Sonor Phonic 16 X 18″ Floor Tom, that I customized into a Bass Drum. I use this drum with the Nathan Bayreuther Jazz Combo. In addition to my performing, I am a self-employed private teacher and also operate my own percussion repair business. In my years of being in the music field, I have seen and tested many drum and percussion products that where simply “gimmicks”. I can say with absolutely honesty, that Arti Dixson’s invention is most certainly NOT a “gimmick”! Arti and I have openly chatted about the many advantages about his product. Here is a list of the many advantages that The Bass Drum Lift adds to a Bass Drums sound, set up, and physical well being:

  1. The Bass Drum is not “choked” or muffled by having the bass drum pedal “clamped” directly to the counterhoop.
  2. The Bass Drum counterhoop is not destroyed, because the bass drum pedal attaches to the “tongue” of the Bass Drum Lift.
  3. The Bass Drum’s tone (when tuned and muffled properly), will have more length as well as more “low end” to the sound.
  4. The Bass Drum is supported by the spurs in the front and The Bass Drum Lift near the batter head. As a result the shell is “supported” better because all of the bass drum’s weight is not resting on the counterhoop, it is resting on the shell. Thusly, the batter head and counterhoop, are never “choked” in terms of the drum’s sound.
  5. Tuning the Batter Head is a breeze because the two tension rods that are normally touching the ground, are “suspended” in the air thanks to The Bass Drum Lift.
  6. On a single pedal, the beater strikes the head in the “sweet spot”, which for me is slightly higher than “dead center”.
  7. On a double pedal, the beaters should be positioned so that they are of “equal distance” on either side of “dead center”.
  8. If The Bass Drum Lift is attached securely, and the bass drum pedal is placed on a very thin carpeting (I have found indoor/outdoor carpeting to work the best), there is absolutely no “pedal contact” noise or rattles whatsoever.
  9. The Bass Drum Lift can be positioned “inward” or “outward” so that the bass drum beater(s) hit the bass drum batter head at a 90 degree angle.
  10. The Bass Drum Lift sets up in seconds. It is light in weight, and fits inside most bass drum pedal bags.

It really is a brilliant device.

-Chris “CK” Kent

Nathan Bayreuther Jazz Combo
Private Percussion Teacher
Freelance Drummer and Percussionist

Clayton Cameron

I use The Bass Drum Lift on my Ludwig Legacy kit including both my 18″ and 20″ bass drums.

The Bass Drum Lift takes your sound to another level.

Simple and more convenient than any product on the market.

The Bass Drum Lift puts your beater right in the sweet spot.

The Bass Drum Lift makes my sound round.

-Clayton Cameron

Clayton Cameron is a master American drummer, writer, composer, producer, historian, and educator. He has performed or recorded with legends in the music business such as Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Sammy Davis Jr. and other artist such as James Brown, BB King, Ray Charles, John Mayer, Christina Aguilera, Molly Ringwald and Mariah Carey to name a few. Nicknamed the “Brush Master” for being the most innovative brush player since Papa Jo Jones of the count Basie Orchestra, is now himself the drummer for the famous big band.

Colin Kennedy

I use The Bass Drum Lift on a 22 x 22 acrylic bass drum from RCI and it attaches perfectly to the DW 9000 series double pedal. I’ve always raised the front end of my bass drum looking for more tone and sustain. After attaining about as much thump and roundness as I thought one could; the next level was exposed when I set up with Arti’s lift and raised the batter side too. Booming is the term I like to use and no one has disagreed.

The Bass Drum Lift itself is so light weight and small that it fits in my pedal case and the design saves my bass drum hoop for the years of service to come. Set up time seems easier as well because there is no more crouching in the small spaces of your kit attaching a pedal. Simply attach The Bass Drum Lift to the pedal and place on the floor first, then position your bass drum where you want it! When touring night after night, these little speed bumps really add up.

-Colin Kennedy (CRASHLANDING:)

Curtis Basner

I just wanted to send you a note about my experience with your Bass Drum Lift product. I’ve been very fortunate to be able to afford a fantastic set of drums a Drum Workshop Collector’s Series, with a 20″ kick drum. I was thrilled with the sound of all of the drums right away, except for the kick drum. To my ears (at age 55), the drum sounded weak and thin. I must also tell you that I’m playing with a fantastic double pedal, a Pearl Eliminator Demon Direct Drive. I tried several things. The first was to remove the pillow. That helped a bit. I then replaced the beater head with an Evans EMAD 2. This made a substantial difference, but it still wasn’t ‘there’. I bought the Pearl wooden beaters for my Demon pedal, and replaced the felt beaters. Again, a small improvement. Then, I started reading about your drum lift. I loved, in particular, two of the innovations that The Bass Drum Lift would provide; that I could avoid having to attach my pedal directly to the drum hoop, and that I’d be able to lengthen the beater stroke, and hopefully get a more powerful hit. I ordered The Bass Drum Lift, and I’ve had it for several weeks now. It has done everything you claimed it would! The largest improvement, in my opinion, is the length of the beater stroke, which now gives those beaters a FAR more authoritative swing and slam into the drum! The kick drum FINALLY sounds like I thought it should from the beginning! All the incremental improvements I have made to make the sound better were enhanced by The Bass Drum Lift! An added benefit, again in my opinion, is that the drum, now sitting 2 inches off the floor, even LOOKS better! But the SOUND is amazing! I know that DW has a reputation for outstanding tone and killer kicks and toms. Well, with The Bass Drum Lift, the kick drum now lives up to my expectations!
-Curtis Basner

David Tomanio

The Bass Drum Lift adds value to my playing. It gives me a beautiful true sound that I was always looking for, it’s simplicity is its genius.

-David Tomanio, Independent Drummer

Drori Mondlak

I think The Bass Drum Lift is great. I use it on all my three sets which have an 18” bass drum. I find it to be just the thing I needed to raise the bass drum high enough so the beater finds the sweet spot. It gives me more punch and resonance at the same time. The best thing is the shell just sits and floats on top of the lift without it having to being attached to the actual shell or the hoop. A great invention which works. I highly recommend it.

-Drori Mondlak Mondlak.html

Drori Mondlak is one of the outstanding jazz drummers and bandleaders on today’s international jazz scene. His touch, subtlety, and interactive approach to music have brought him critical acclaim and performing opportunities with many creative musicians in diverse musical situations. Drori co-leads the critically acclaimed quartet KLARO! with alto saxophonist Karolina Strassmayer.

Edwin G. Hamilton

I am very passionate about my craft and I take it very seriously. Therefore when I use a product it has to be a perfect fit for me and enhance my performance; sir this is a no-brainer when it comes to this great product. I am both a recent fan and user of The Bass Drum Lift as of 4 – 5 months ago; I bought it via Musician’s Friend. It allows me to give my batter-end side of my bass drum a lift and works beautifully along with my resonant-end bass drum spikes; it lifts it up and make the bass drum sound full (with no extra vibrations) and it sounds WONDERFUL -the PERFECT shot EVERY time.”

-Edwin G. Hamilton (Independent Drummer)

Emily Gould

After several shows of putting my Bass Drum Lift through the ringer, I am incredibly pleased with the results. My favorite aspect is probably how my beater strikes the center now, I have whole new tones coming out of my kick that I had never heard before. Plus, it’s resonating beautifully and the Lift is super easy to use. My band members and sound engineers have been blown away and very complimentary of my kick. I could not be happier! Thank you, Arti!

-Emily Gould
Independent drummer and educator proudly endorsing Bass Drum Lift, Outlaw Drums, Sovereign Cymbals, Humes & Berg Mfg, Co. and SledgePad

Floyd Murphy Jr.

This is by far the best idea I have seen yet for drummers. The Bass Drum Lift completely strikes the head dead center and eliminates chewing on the bass drum hoop. You can see how the bass drum just rests on top of The Bass Drum Lift making the bass drum even, from back to front from the floor. I can’t believe we never had this before, I’ve been using The Bass Drum Lift on every gig and I do believe it gives you more pedal control too.

-Floyd Murphy Jr.

Frank Shea

I met Arti Dixson in May 2009 at the Courtyard Festival at Housatonic Community College in Bridgeport, Connecticut. I was playing in a group that preceded the group that Arti was playing in. We started a conversation as most drummers do and he told me about his new invention the “Bass Drum Lift”. He showed me how it worked and when it came time for him to play I was amazed at the sound of his bass drum. The clarity and resonance was superb. Musicians I spoke to at the show thought that he had a bass drum mike. Needless to say I bought the product shortly after and have been pleasantly surprised by the lift and the sound you get when it is used. The Bass Drum Lift allows your pedal beater to strike the bass head in a more favorable location to enhance the sound and eliminate any vibration. Secondly it extends the finish of your drum hoop or shell as it allows you to attach your pedal on The Bass Drum Lift and not the drum itself.

I have used The Bass Drum Lift since May 2009, but began to realize that I had problems keeping the bass drum 100% horizontal as my spurs were a little short. I e-mailed Arti and told him of the problem I was having. He lives in my general area and he had me meet him after work. He fixed me up with a pair of his spur extenders which eliminated my problem.

What else can I say Arti is not only a great drummer, but also a true gentleman and businessman who stands by his product and has his priorities to make things right for his customers. I highly recommend the Bass Drum Lift for all drummers, trust me you will not be disappointed.

-Frank Shea

Garrett Goodwin

The Bass Drum Lift has brought so much life to my drums; even on my 26″ kick. I love the product and enjoy every aspect of working with the company.
-Garrett Goodwin
Drummer for Carrie Underwood

Guillermo Acevedo

Thank you so much for coming along to the recue at the PASIC clinic in Indi. You just came in time to save my bass drum sound with The Bass Drum Lift. Now it’ll be an essential part of my ‘must have gear’. You have a new convert 🙂

-Guillermo “Memo” Acevedo

Memo Acevedo is an active drumset and percussion player in New York City. He specializes in Afro-Cuban, Brazilian and Colombian music and drumming. He has taught (and teaches) at Drummers Collective, New York University, Humber College, and clinics abroad, nationally and internationally. He has also recorded with Stephen Stills, Mark Murphy, Toshiko Akiyoshi, Bruce Cockburn, Louie Belson, Tito Puente, Hilton Ruiz, Irakere, Tom Scott and many more. Memo has been awarded two “percussionist of the year award” by the Jazz Report Magazine (media poll) and a JUNO award for best World Beat recording. He has been invited twice to perform at ‘Fiesta del Tambor’ in Havana, Cuba. Presently he’s in charge of the Education department at LP & TOCA percussion companies. Pro-Mark Sticks have produced his invention stick known as ‘Revolution’. Memo is a native of Bogota, Colombia

Hal Miller

The Bass Drum Lift works as advertised and has provided me with the kind of sound I always knew my bass drum was capable of.

-Hal Miller

Hal Miller has been variously described as a jazz drummer, Latin percussionist, jazz historian, teacher and writer, and depending on the time of year and his current project, he continues to fit each of these categories. A professional jazz drummer for the past forty years, Hal continues to play regularly in the Albany, New York area, whenever time and schedule allow. He also tours internationally with the Carlos Santana Band.

Heinz Geisser

I came across The Bass Drum Lift over the internet and I immediately knew that this would be the solution for using my 16″ Gretsch floor tom as a converted bass drum. Local drum maker Andreas Ermatinger ( provided me with two bass drum spurs which would fit the existing holes for the floor tom legs and this way I can use the drum as a bass drum or as a floor tom. Turns out that by using The Bass Drum Lift it has become my favorite bass drum. The Bass Drum Lift makes this drum a powerful bass drum that sings and responds in various colors depending on the way you touch it. A perfect device for a 16″ bass drum, light weight, compact, easy to handle and protecting the shell of the drum by its cushion. It makes me discover new sounds in my playing.

-Heinz Geisser

Independent drummer, composer and educator, Switzerland; member of Collective 4tet, Geisser-Mazzola project, Heinz Geisser- Shiro Onuma Duo, Ensemble 5.

Henry Brun

To know you can find a simple piece of hardware that would enhance your performance on any bass drum is a blessing; to own it and have it handy is a dream come true! As a traveling percussionist, carrying additional hardware can be a burden. After trying your Bass Drum Lift, I was convinced of its practicality and usefulness. The sound is fuller, even and projection was effortless. The better part was its weight! I’ll skip carrying other pieces but this one has become part of my ‘must have’ travel gear. Every drummer needs to own one.

-Henry Brun

Henry has performed with literally everyone you can think of. Too many to mention. Here are just a few: Dave Brubeck, Dave Holland, Marlena Shaw, Jon Faddis, Lew Soloff, Kirk Whalum, Chuck Mangione, Kevin Eubanks, Tito Puente, Mongo Santamaría, Paquito D’Rivera, Arturo Sandoval, Giovanni Hidalgo, Kirk Whalum, Chuck Mangione, Kevin Eubanks, The Rippingtons, Joel Dilley, David Cáceres, The Jazz Crusaders, Ray Codrington, Nobuko, Portinho, Carlos Guedes y Desvío, Puerto Rico Philharmonic Orchestra, San Antonio Vocal Arts Ensemble, Julia Barrera.

Jayson Brinkworth

The Bass Drum Lift has allowed to me to convert my 14 and 16 floor toms instantly into bass drums for gigs and sessions. It has also brought out more tone in my 20 and 22 bass drums. The Bass Drum Lift is a necessity for all drummers!

-Jayson Brinkworth

Jayson Brinkworth is an accomplished drummer/percussionist/vocalist who grew up and still makes his home on the Canadian Prairies in Regina, Saskatchewan. He has enjoyed many exciting moments in his 23 year career of playing, writing, teaching and recording music.

Jimmy Ford

The Bass Drum Lift is an amazing product. It makes my 18 inch bass drum sound like a million bucks.

I’ve used it with bigger bass drums and sound engineers Love IT!

-Jimmy Ford

Owner of Ford Drum Company and freelance drummer

John LeVasseur

The Bass Drum Lift works great! It made my kick drum sing and it’s nice to get my pedal off the drum hoop. It has done this and lifted the drum off the floor by at least an inch and I have noticed an over all improved drum sound.

-John LeVasseur (TromitizeD)

Josh Kane

Whether you’re a hobby player, an aspiring professional or a touring drum maniac who eats, sleeps and breaths rhythm, if you’re serious about the tone and performance of your bass drum, then you need to get Arti Dixson’s Bass Drum Lift. From doin’ sessions for artists like P!nk, Sam Beaton and A-Mei, rehearsing with Uh Huh Her, touring with Steve Rushton or just shedding in my studio, The Bass Drum Lift is a permanent fixture in my setup because (if your drum is tuned properly… See Bob Gatzen for more info on that subject!!) it brings the kick drum to life and makes playing it more fun!!

-Josh Kane

Karl Killer

The Bass Drum Lift… to describe it in one word would be “genius.” It’s simple to use, lightweight, and affordable. I cannot find one flaw with The Bass Drum Lift. I currently am in a band that has a lot of double bass drum fills and patterns; on top of that, I am a heavy hitter. So when I first started using The Bass Drum Lift, I thought that it would send my bass drum flying away from me. However, it has done the opposite; it has kept my bass drum in place when I see other drummers’ bass drums shoot across the stage. The Bass Drum Lift also makes my bass drum sound like a cannon! Sound engineers and fellow drummers constantly ask me how my bass drum sounds so good or if I use samples. The answer? The Bass Drum Lift. I never play drums without it.

-Karl Killer

Kenwood Dennard

The revolutionary Bass Drum Lift solves a big problem which I have struggled with for years. Finally Arti Dixson actually DID something about it.

During some rushed sound check situations I’ve had over the decades, I have tuned my bass drum but kind of ignored the bottom two lugs because the floor wouldn’t allow the key to turn.

Now I can enjoy getting the full potential of my bass drum sound to project beautifully at each and every soundcheck.

Now I can finish each sound check with alacrity!

Congratulations to Arti Dixson; inventor of the ‘Bass Drum Lift’.

-Kenwood Dennard (World-class drummer, composer, teacher and philosopher)

Lynn Coulter

I used The Bass Drum Lift on a newer Pearl Master series 18 X 22 the other night at a weekly blues jam I play at… so guys sit in on my drums after the house band finishes their set… a guy, after playing, came up to me and commented on how great the kick drum sounded and how great I had it tuned… with all the noise I just said ‘thanks so much’ and continued thru the crowd… all along I knew it was The Bass Drum Lift getting the compliment!!! This thing really works… I’ll tell him all about it the next time I see him… but thanks for the great upgrade… its fantastic!!!

-Lynn Coulter

Lynn “Skins” Coulter (drums/vocals), was born in New Orleans, LA, and came to California by way of Jackson, MS, and Memphis, TN. He has recorded or toured with Leon Russell, Paul Butterfield, Dan Peek of ‘America’, Carole King, and Rita Coolidge. He has also performed with Mary Wells, the Drifters, the Coasters, Bo Diddley, Little Anthony, the Shirelles, and the Marvellettes. The energy he brings is an essential component of any live performance.

Mario Minardi

Thanks to The Bass Drum Lift, I am truly enjoying the latest addition to my drum set: a custom made Tama Starclassic Bubinga 18″ kick drum. When I tried it without your lift, it just wasn’t hitting or sounding right. Now that it is properly lifted, it feels and sounds GREAT! I also appreciate how stable your product holds my kick drum in place. Thanks for all the work you put into making this much needed addition to me set!!!”

-Mario Minardi

Former drummer of GENERAL PUBLIC
Session and Live Drummer
Owner, MINARDI MUSIC, San Jose, California

Mike Taylor

The Bass Drum Lift makes my bass drum sound so much better. It feels really smooth when playing on it and I believe even adds more attack to the bass drum. Before buying The Bass Drum Lift I always felt like something was missing from my kit. My bass drum is smaller so it has a really unnatural feeling when it is just resting on the floor and the bass pedal is mounted to the shell. The Bass Drum Lift eliminates any attachment at all to the shell so you don’t have to worry about that annoying problem of your bass pedal sliding and having to readjust it all the time. I play metal and use a lot of fast double bass patterns and since using this lift I have noticed an improvement in my technique. Highly recommended for any drummer that is looking to improve bass drum sound. Once you start using this thing you won’t want to play without it!

-Mike Taylor (Independent Drummer, Amherstburg, Ontario, Canada)

Paul Barnes

I just did a show this past Saturday night with a 10 piece disco band I play in ….( using my little 18″ Gretsch kick drum and The Bass Drum Lift. I kept looking down to make sure the kick drum wasn’t walking away from me and low and behold, it NEVER moved and the pedal stayed securely in place all night!

The sound-man and myself were amazed at the AWESOME low tone produced by The Bass Drum Lift not being attached to the bass drum hoop itself.

I must admit having a Shure Beta 91 kick mic and a couple of JBL subs is a plus but I use that same PA set-up with my DW kit with the kick pedal attached to the hoop and I NEVER get this result.

Dude, I’m blown away by this product! It’s so simple but SOOOO effective. I’m going to buy one for my DW kick drum as well and one to have on hand with my sound system to use on other drummers’ kick drums that aren’t sounding all that good.

-Paul Barnes (Special Projects Engineer, IMS Studios)

Pete Alexander Jr.

Arti, The Bass Drum Lift is the perfect portable bass drum device. It’s made for drummers who care about their sound. The Bass Drum Lift helps enhance the true tone & quality of your bass drum……….IT BRINGS THE SOUND OF YOUR BASS DRUM FROM THE BOTTOM…..UP!

-Pete “YoungPete” Alexander (Drummer for: Janelle Monae, Jully Black, & Edwin McCain)

Ralph Pace Jr.

When Arti told me about The Bass Drum Lift I was like yeah another bass drum accessory but after adding it, it was like a bomb! Adding fullness and punch at the same time… The guys on stage are like “dude” I can feel your bass drum!

-Ralph Pace Jr.

Ralph Pace Jr. is from White Plains, NY. His dad began teaching him drumming at age 4. He then went on to study with famed teachers Jim Chapin, Joe Cusatis and a short stint with Joe Morello, Drummers Collective and the International World Festival at Berklee in Boston. Ralph is living and busy working as a freelance drummer playing all styles of music in Nashville, TN. He has played on numerous recording sessions and jingles and recorded with Crystal Gayle and Gary Morris, Grammy Award-winner Darryl Dybka. His Jazz CD, entitled “Because of You” with his group, The Count Pacie Jazz Trio is being received well. He has toured with Vern Gosdin, Keith Whitley, T.G. Sheppard, Cristy Lane and has played with the Bellemy Bros, Steve Cropper, Albert Lee, Billy Gibbons, Larry Carlton, Herb Ellis, Tal Farlow, Victor Wooten, and his most memorable moments were playing just brushes and a snare drum with Joe Sample (Dove Awards). He also is a highly respected drum instructor proud of his current project, a 3 part drum book entitled Foundations of Drumming. He also has a short instructional video on Ralph produced and played drums with a singer/song writer artist Minnie Murphy.

Raone Correa

Oh my God, Oh my God! What is this sound in my bass drum? You gave me a new 18″ drum. That’s my main phrase!! I’m not believing the result of sound that I’m hearing, this is awesome, can not be real. Yesterday at work, I showed The Bass Drum Lift to some friends, they are delighted with the sound of my bass drum. This is really amazing.

-Raone Correa

Rex Cadwallader

I’ve known Arti Dixson for twelve years. We’ve worked together, recorded together, and he’s a GREAT drummer. I’ve also recommended him as a teacher for many of my students, for that same reason. He’s a fantastic player, but he also knows how to communicate those skills to students at all levels. It’s particularly in my role as chairman of the Performing Arts Department at Greens Farms Academy in Westport, Connecticut that I’ve had the opportunity to observe Arti at his teaching and playing best. So, when he told me about his great new product, The Bass Drum Lift, I knew it would be another of Arti’s innovative and creative ideas.

Here’s what it does, and why I’m such a strong proponent of The Bass Drum Lift:

  1. It raises the bass drum up off the floor, just enough so that the pedal strikes the drum head near the center. We all know that’s the “sweet spot” on the bass drum, so the sound of the drum is clearer, brighter, and more resonant.
  2. It clamps the bass drum pedal to a lip on the Bass Drum Lift, rather than to the rim of the drum, avoiding all the scratching and grinding on the rim. It protects that part of the instrument and keeps it looking a lot nicer. Since we always have to be concerned about maintaining our equipment, this is one more way to do just that.

Whenever a product comes on the market that does exactly what it says it will do, is reasonably priced and well made, and is a major innovation, I’m definitely interested. When it comes from a valued colleague in music, that’s an even greater incentive. We have three of Arti’s Bass Drum Lifts at Greens Farms Academy, and I’m completely convinced that this is a piece of equipment that every drummer young or old should have for his drum set. I’m recommending it to all of my students and colleagues.

-Rex Cadwallader

Chairman of the Performing Arts Department at Greens Farms Academy in Westport, CT

Rob the Drummer

ROB THE DRUMMER here. I’ve done some testing ….and the product seems good….I’ll be glad to be one of your Endorsers.

By the way, I don’t know whether you were downstairs, but Bob Gatzen gave you a wonderful endorsement to the crowd……talked about it and you….and praised both.

-ROB THE DRUMMER ( Independent Drummer, National Clinician )

Roger Post

The Bass Drum Lift is the perfect solution to a problem I had when attaching my pedal to my Roland TD-12 V-drum bass-drum pad. Its pedal-mounting lip sits almost an inch off the floor, so when I attached my pedal, its footboard was at more of an angle than I was used to when playing my acoustic drums. This was bugging me, until you showed me the lift. I immediately saw a use for it with the V-drums and it works just great! I couldn’t be happier. All I did was slide it in from the front side of the V-drum pad and allow enough of the pedal-attachment section to stick out so I could secure the pedal to it and still keep the beater at the correct angle when it struck the head.

-Roger Post (New Haven Jazz Orchestra, Bill Conti, Chuck Berry, Carmen Leggio, Eddie Bert, Broadway shows)

Ron Fredericks

The Bass Drum Lift is the best bass drum related invention since the double pedal. It has given my bass drum a richer/fuller sound. Simple and quick to hook up. Wouldn’t be without it now.

-Ron Fredericks (Independent drummer on the east coast)

Sergio Bellotti

So much emphasis only on the toms mounting systems. Finally an efficient,instant and stable solution to make your bass drum gain volume and bottom in no time. For ever in my pedal bag..

-Sergio Bellotti (Berklee College Faculty)

Sergio Bellotti moved from the south of Italy to the USA in 1995. Very active in the music scene of Boston first and worldwide clinician/performer now, Sergio has recorded and/or shared the stage with Mike Stern, Wayne Krantz, Tom Scott, Bob James, Robben Ford, Nathan East and Dan Siegel among others. He currently plays with fusion ensemble Spajazzy and co-leads a Duo with Percussion Virtuoso and Remo Signature Artist Alessandra Belloni. Sergio has taught drum set at Berklee College of Music since 2002, writes for Drum Club magazine in Italy, and, as a worldwide clinician, has performed at the Montreal Drum Fest ’03 (now available on DVD), Cape Breton International Drum Fest 2004, 2005 and 2006, Berklee World Percussion Festival ’05 and PAS ’05 and ’09 in the USA and PAS 06 in Italy. Sergio is currently an international visiting artist at Accademia Musica Moderna, at Mousike’ Music School in Italy and at the GmDrumschool in Torino.

Steve Mansfield

The Bass Drum Lift is working great. I get a much better tone out of my drum and more volume. I’ve been using it on every gig I have had since I received it. Keep coming up with great ideas and making them realities. The Bass Drum Lift is a great addition to any drum set.

-Steve Mansfield (Independent drummer)

Tali “Icepack” Jackson

Arti Dixson’s Bass Drum Lift highly improves the resonance of my bass drum, which in turn makes my whole kit sound better.

-Tali “Icepack” Jackson

Tali “Icepack” Jackson is a veteran of the music biz for over 46 years. Ice Pack has played and recorded with John Herald, Melvin Van Peebles, Neville Brothers, Bob Dylan, Bonnie Raitt, Bob Marley, Mike Bloomfield, Rick Danko, and Bette Midler. The list goes on and on. He is a pure world-class multi-talented musician.

Thierry Arpino

I love it! You also can advertise that “now you can see underneath your bass drum when you lose a wing nut or something.” You also can advertise that “now you can vacuum underneath your bass drum without moving it” haaaa ha ha ha ! That’s so cool.

-Thierry Arpino (Jean-Luc Ponty. Larry Coryell, Joe Beck, Randy Brecker)

Tom Porto

The Bass Drum Lift is the by far the best accessory I have bought for my drum set. I used to have a 20×22 bass drum and The Bass Drum Lift gave it so much more of a punch it was unbelievable. My friends called it a cannon. I now use an 18×20 and I was afraid it wouldn’t sound as loud but The Lift didn’t fail me. Still very loud and punchy. The way the drum sits on The Bass Drum Lift is a great idea to keep the drum in good condition too. My new bass drum hoop will always be perfect thanks to the design. I’m very pleased with the product and how it makes my Pacific 805 series 18×20 even more powerful than I thought it would be.

-Tom Porto

Tommy Iannotti

The Bass Drum Lift is great because it gives me a consistent sound when playing my double bass pedal. By using The Bass Drum Lift it allows my bass drum beaters to strike the center of the head evenly and the fact that my pedal attaches to The Bass Drum Lift, it saves the hoop of my bass drum from wear and tear. I choose the bass drum lift, you should too.

-Tommy “Bigcat” Iannotti

Tony Lewis

Thanks for making a wonderful product that has helped the bass drum get that extra punch and power needed. It is such a practical yet compact item that can carried from kit to kit and enhanced performance and sound is achieved always!

-Tony Lewis

Victor Rendon

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to use your new product, The Bass Drum Lift. The first thing that I like about it is that it does not attach to the rim of the bass drum. The bass drum simply sits on the lift. This saves wear & tear on the wooden rim as well as improving the sound and resonance of the drum. I noticed right away that the drum sounds more centered/round. And, it feels great! I am also going to use The Bass Drum Lift with my timbale/bass drum set up. Thanks again. I will recommend it to everyone I know.

-Victor Rendon

Walfredo Reyes Sr.

I think it’s a great product for drummers. Both my 18″ kick and 20″ kick drums sound bigger and fuller and it compliments the sound of the bass drum to other drums. The Bass Drum Lift makes a big difference !!

-Walfredo Reyes Sr.

Walfredo Reyes Sr. is an Internationally renowned percussionist and drummer. Besides recording his own albums, he has recorded with artists in both Cuba and the United States such as Tito Puente, Rolando La Serie, Louie Bellson, Cachao, Alex Acuna, Tito Rodriquez, Chico O’Farrill, Jose Fajardo, Linda Ronstadt, and Steve Winwood. Performing in Las Vegas for many years, Walfredo Sr. backed up performers Milton Berle, Wayne Newton, Tony Bennett, George Burns, Sammy Davis Jr., Robert Goulet, Rich Little, Bernadette Peters, Rita Moreno, Juliet Prowse, Ben Vereen, and Dionne Warwick, to name a few. Walfredo, Sr. is one of Cuba’s most influential drummers and one of the pioneers to play both percussion and drumset simultaneously. His diverse background and experience make him one of the most in-demand clinicians and educators in the country today.

Will Kennedy

I tried on The Bass Drum Lift and never expected my world to radically change but it did! It affected my positioning in a way that makes me feel more comfortable behind my kit and most importantly it changed the sound of my 22″ bass drum: I’m hearing frequencies not heard before because I’m striking the bass drum in a spot not attainable before! It’s simple – I’ve been LIFTED!!!