Anthony Acunzo

In a market flooded with a seemingly endless supply of musical instrument accessories – of which many have questionable benefits – it was both exciting and satisfying to come across Arti Dixson’s Bass Drum Lift. A natural fallout of Arti’s dedication to the art of drumming, The Bass Drum Lift is an elegant, useful device that will improve your bass drum sound. It produces immediate results – results that can be heard.

The Bass Drum Lift accomplishes the task of creating an improved bass drum sound in a number of ways:

  1. By decoupling the mass of the bass drum pedal from the hoop itself, any damping effects introduced by the pedal are eliminated, allowing the shell to resonate more freely. Lifting the bass drum also eliminates any damping effects introduced by the floor at the hoop area, helping to produce a cleaner, well-defined bass drum sound.
  2. The Bass Drum Lift positions the beater such that it strikes at the center of the drum head and, equally important, allows the angle-of-attack of the beater to be such that it introduces maximum surface area to the drum head during impact – yielding maximum sound output for a given pedal input. The Bass Drum Lift is not hard-mounted to the bass drum shell, so you can take advantage of this positioning when using any of your drum sets.
  3. Lifting the bass drum provides better projection, which will benefit the entire band.

From a maintainability standpoint, The Bass Drum Lift introduces some key benefits. It allows access to the two lower tension rods with a standard drum key, without interference from the floor. For drummers like me who prefer vintage kits or retro T-handles, it’s nice to know that the two handles closest to the floor do not have to be replaced with standard rods. Also, The Bass Drum Lift eliminates hoop damage from the pedal, as the pedal is now secured to The Bass Drum Lift’s attachment point instead – no more damage to those beautiful, vintage inlaid hoops!

One of the great merits that one should strive for in a product design, in both construction and use, is one of design efficiency – minimum effort yields maximum results. The Bass Drum Lift embodies this concept by utilizing a simple, easy-to-use, robust design that requires minimal effort and deviation from a drummer’s normal set-up routine, yet rewards him or her with a significant end result – an improved bass drum sound.

There are many accessories for drummers that boast all kinds of technical attributes on paper, but the sound they claim to produce, along with their ease of use will ultimately define their fate. The Bass Drum Lift helps produce a great bass drum sound, is easy to use, and is extremely portable. I can envision The Bass Drum Lift becoming a natural addition to the standard “required hardware list” of any drum set. To state my opinion in simplest terms, I defer to a well-used but powerful expression: The Bass Drum Lift rocks!

Thank you for a refreshingly useful product, Arti!

-Anthony Acunzo (Independent Drummer)