Bob Gatzen

I’ve known Arti Dixson for many years. He’s a dedicated, professional drummer who cares about the music industry, enjoys helping drummers out and has a great spirit for everything he does. My design philosophy is originality, simplicity and reduction. When Arti showed me the bass drum-lift I was immediately impressed, for it fits into all 3 categories. The idea of lifting the bass drum off the floor is not new news. What’s new with the “bass drum-lift” is it’s the first product I’ve seen that is cost effective, portable but most importantly, enhances the physical properties of head and shell vibration in a proper fashion. The bass drum-lift raises the counter hoop off the floor decreasing pressure applied to the edges of the drumhead without being attached to it. This is important due to low tension tuning inherent in the bass drum. Minimal pressure applied to the counter hoop, destroys “equalized” tuning of the drumhead. Also, it aligns the bass drum relative to the pedal beater, striking the drumhead squarely in it’s “sweet-spot”. This not only enhances tone, it feels great! Sound and feel is what it’s all about. Once you experience this, you’ll never turn back.

Bottom line, The Bass Drum Lift is the best of its kind. In the studio or out on tour…I never leave home without it.

Congratulations Arti!

-Bob Gatzen

If you were to describe Drummer-Producer-Inventor Bob Gatzen in one word, it would be… “diverse”. Bob is a multi-faceted artist who believes that we are now in an era of “choice” and diversity is the key to success. Bob holds an abundance of U.S. and international design patents for Evans Drumheads, Drum Workshop, Noble & Cooley, Zildjian Cymbal Co., Regal Tip Drumsticks and DrumFrame Ltd. Bob has received many prestigious international MIPA (Music Industry Press Award) awards for his design work. In 2005 Modern Drummer Magazine awarded Bob the “Editors Choice Achievement Award” penning Bob as the “Renaissance Man”. Bob is a BMI artist and publisher producing DVD projects for Warner Bros. Music Publishing and Alfred Publishing. Bob’s new DVD includes his original best-selling Warner Bros. Video, “Drum Tuning, Sound and Design” plus an hour of new footage featuring his “Simplified” method of drum tuning.