Colin Kennedy

I use The Bass Drum Lift on a 22 x 22 acrylic bass drum from RCI and it attaches perfectly to the DW 9000 series double pedal. I’ve always raised the front end of my bass drum looking for more tone and sustain. After attaining about as much thump and roundness as I thought one could; the next level was exposed when I set up with Arti’s lift and raised the batter side too. Booming is the term I like to use and no one has disagreed.

The Bass Drum Lift itself is so light weight and small that it fits in my pedal case and the design saves my bass drum hoop for the years of service to come. Set up time seems easier as well because there is no more crouching in the small spaces of your kit attaching a pedal. Simply attach The Bass Drum Lift to the pedal and place on the floor first, then position your bass drum where you want it! When touring night after night, these little speed bumps really add up.

-Colin Kennedy (CRASHLANDING:)