Curtis Basner

I just wanted to send you a note about my experience with your Bass Drum Lift product. I’ve been very fortunate to be able to afford a fantastic set of drums a Drum Workshop Collector’s Series, with a 20″ kick drum. I was thrilled with the sound of all of the drums right away, except for the kick drum. To my ears (at age 55), the drum sounded weak and thin. I must also tell you that I’m playing with a fantastic double pedal, a Pearl Eliminator Demon Direct Drive. I tried several things. The first was to remove the pillow. That helped a bit. I then replaced the beater head with an Evans EMAD 2. This made a substantial difference, but it still wasn’t ‘there’. I bought the Pearl wooden beaters for my Demon pedal, and replaced the felt beaters. Again, a small improvement. Then, I started reading about your drum lift. I loved, in particular, two of the innovations that The Bass Drum Lift would provide; that I could avoid having to attach my pedal directly to the drum hoop, and that I’d be able to lengthen the beater stroke, and hopefully get a more powerful hit. I ordered The Bass Drum Lift, and I’ve had it for several weeks now. It has done everything you claimed it would! The largest improvement, in my opinion, is the length of the beater stroke, which now gives those beaters a FAR more authoritative swing and slam into the drum! The kick drum FINALLY sounds like I thought it should from the beginning! All the incremental improvements I have made to make the sound better were enhanced by The Bass Drum Lift! An added benefit, again in my opinion, is that the drum, now sitting 2 inches off the floor, even LOOKS better! But the SOUND is amazing! I know that DW has a reputation for outstanding tone and killer kicks and toms. Well, with The Bass Drum Lift, the kick drum now lives up to my expectations!
-Curtis Basner