Frank Shea

I met Arti Dixson in May 2009 at the Courtyard Festival at Housatonic Community College in Bridgeport, Connecticut. I was playing in a group that preceded the group that Arti was playing in. We started a conversation as most drummers do and he told me about his new invention the “Bass Drum Lift”. He showed me how it worked and when it came time for him to play I was amazed at the sound of his bass drum. The clarity and resonance was superb. Musicians I spoke to at the show thought that he had a bass drum mike. Needless to say I bought the product shortly after and have been pleasantly surprised by the lift and the sound you get when it is used. The Bass Drum Lift allows your pedal beater to strike the bass head in a more favorable location to enhance the sound and eliminate any vibration. Secondly it extends the finish of your drum hoop or shell as it allows you to attach your pedal on The Bass Drum Lift and not the drum itself.

I have used The Bass Drum Lift since May 2009, but began to realize that I had problems keeping the bass drum 100% horizontal as my spurs were a little short. I e-mailed Arti and told him of the problem I was having. He lives in my general area and he had me meet him after work. He fixed me up with a pair of his spur extenders which eliminated my problem.

What else can I say Arti is not only a great drummer, but also a true gentleman and businessman who stands by his product and has his priorities to make things right for his customers. I highly recommend the Bass Drum Lift for all drummers, trust me you will not be disappointed.

-Frank Shea