Heinz Geisser

I came across The Bass Drum Lift over the internet and I immediately knew that this would be the solution for using my 16″ Gretsch floor tom as a converted bass drum. Local drum maker Andreas Ermatinger (giannini-drums.ch) provided me with two bass drum spurs which would fit the existing holes for the floor tom legs and this way I can use the drum as a bass drum or as a floor tom. Turns out that by using The Bass Drum Lift it has become my favorite bass drum. The Bass Drum Lift makes this drum a powerful bass drum that sings and responds in various colors depending on the way you touch it. A perfect device for a 16″ bass drum, light weight, compact, easy to handle and protecting the shell of the drum by its cushion. It makes me discover new sounds in my playing.

-Heinz Geisser

Independent drummer, composer and educator, Switzerland; member of Collective 4tet, Geisser-Mazzola project, Heinz Geisser- Shiro Onuma Duo, Ensemble 5.