Paul Barnes

I just did a show this past Saturday night with a 10 piece disco band I play in ….( using my little 18″ Gretsch kick drum and The Bass Drum Lift. I kept looking down to make sure the kick drum wasn’t walking away from me and low and behold, it NEVER moved and the pedal stayed securely in place all night!

The sound-man and myself were amazed at the AWESOME low tone produced by The Bass Drum Lift not being attached to the bass drum hoop itself.

I must admit having a Shure Beta 91 kick mic and a couple of JBL subs is a plus but I use that same PA set-up with my DW kit with the kick pedal attached to the hoop and I NEVER get this result.

Dude, I’m blown away by this product! It’s so simple but SOOOO effective. I’m going to buy one for my DW kick drum as well and one to have on hand with my sound system to use on other drummers’ kick drums that aren’t sounding all that good.

-Paul Barnes (Special Projects Engineer, IMS Studios)