Rex Cadwallader

I’ve known Arti Dixson for twelve years. We’ve worked together, recorded together, and he’s a GREAT drummer. I’ve also recommended him as a teacher for many of my students, for that same reason. He’s a fantastic player, but he also knows how to communicate those skills to students at all levels. It’s particularly in my role as chairman of the Performing Arts Department at Greens Farms Academy in Westport, Connecticut that I’ve had the opportunity to observe Arti at his teaching and playing best. So, when he told me about his great new product, The Bass Drum Lift, I knew it would be another of Arti’s innovative and creative ideas.

Here’s what it does, and why I’m such a strong proponent of The Bass Drum Lift:

  1. It raises the bass drum up off the floor, just enough so that the pedal strikes the drum head near the center. We all know that’s the “sweet spot” on the bass drum, so the sound of the drum is clearer, brighter, and more resonant.
  2. It clamps the bass drum pedal to a lip on the Bass Drum Lift, rather than to the rim of the drum, avoiding all the scratching and grinding on the rim. It protects that part of the instrument and keeps it looking a lot nicer. Since we always have to be concerned about maintaining our equipment, this is one more way to do just that.

Whenever a product comes on the market that does exactly what it says it will do, is reasonably priced and well made, and is a major innovation, I’m definitely interested. When it comes from a valued colleague in music, that’s an even greater incentive. We have three of Arti’s Bass Drum Lifts at Greens Farms Academy, and I’m completely convinced that this is a piece of equipment that every drummer young or old should have for his drum set. I’m recommending it to all of my students and colleagues.

-Rex Cadwallader

Chairman of the Performing Arts Department at Greens Farms Academy in Westport, CT