Roger Post

The Bass Drum Lift is the perfect solution to a problem I had when attaching my pedal to my Roland TD-12 V-drum bass-drum pad. Its pedal-mounting lip sits almost an inch off the floor, so when I attached my pedal, its footboard was at more of an angle than I was used to when playing my acoustic drums. This was bugging me, until you showed me the lift. I immediately saw a use for it with the V-drums and it works just great! I couldn’t be happier. All I did was slide it in from the front side of the V-drum pad and allow enough of the pedal-attachment section to stick out so I could secure the pedal to it and still keep the beater at the correct angle when it struck the head.

-Roger Post (New Haven Jazz Orchestra, Bill Conti, Chuck Berry, Carmen Leggio, Eddie Bert, Broadway shows)