It's hard to believe that a device as simple as this, which elevates the batter-side bass drum hoop off the ground by a couple inches, could make such a noticeable improvement in sustain and low end. But it's true.

Modern Drummer
September 2013

“Thumbs up! …the claims are 100% true. This little gem works, plus it is very light. Great for those very small bass drums where you can’t get the beater close enough to the center of the head… Want to save your hoops from getting chewed up by your bass pedal? Get one!”

Not So Modern Drummer
Issue 17.2 Fall 2011 page 36

“This small but nice (German phrase ‘klein aber fein’) device has been conceived by the American drummer Arti Dixson. It is a hollow construction made out of reinforced nylon, which has to be attached to the bass drum pedal and apart from that, just has to be placed under the bass drum, without any fixed installation. This raises the posterior part of the bass drum by 5.5 cm. The pedal can be mounted on any point of the 14 cm wide front plate. Certainly the bass drum spurs should be fully extended. A Velcro tape at the bottom protects the bass drum lift against slipping. Back to top, the surface, which is adapted to the curve of the shell, is isolated by a foam material, which absorbs the vibration. The bass drum shell (not the hoop) lies very secure on top of the bassdrumlift. Thus, the distance of the hammer to the head can be adjusted perfectly. Further, the hammers of a double bass-pedal can be easily moved around the center of the head. And: you don’t have to scratch the hoops of your vintage instruments anymore or exchange the lower tuning rods, which are more accessible now. It is still an open question if the sound quality is really improved noticeably, but the bass drum lift is a useful accesory at any rate.”

Drums & Percussion (Germany)
September/October 2010 page 44

“For something so simple and lightweight, and without the need for any drilling or fitting, the Bass Drum Lift is a fine product which deserves your full attention, particularly if you are a player who uses a 20″ or smaller drum for different gigs that may require significant changes in volume without resorting to the use of mics. Smaller bass drums will certainly benefit from the radical shift in tone and volume that the Lift is capable of producing. The resulting glorious full sound that the Lift introduces to your sonic palette will transform your bass drum into the foundation-shaking machine that only the meek might shy away from. Go get Lifted.”

“Upbeats: Substantial improvement in tone & volume, compact & lightweight, fits any-sized bass drum, cheap as chips.
Downbeats: None.”

September 2010 page 78